Rowan House Cabinetry & Furniture

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Laurie Rowan is the proprietor and craftsman at Rowan House Cabinetry & Furniture. He has been honing his skills in cabinet and furniture making for the past 20 years. He brings commitment to the highest standard of workmanship in everything he does.
A few years back Laurie purchased a small saw mill to enable him to have complete control of the type of lumber that he uses to craft his creations. He has been working with Western Birch, Cherry, Pine, Fir and Western Red Cedar. Most of the lumber that he saws comes off of our own property and is air dried and dry piled under cover to cure naturally. The pine and fir is all dead standing or bug attacked wood which is harvested off site. We re-plant as much as we can.
Rowan House also provides a line of log furniture and custom pieces to suit your needs. We use the highest quality joinery, finish and hardware. All of our furniture is crafted from dry, standing timber, which is considered unsuitable for harvest by traditional forest companies. The timber is either too small, too crooked or too cracked and as a result it would either be burned or mulched. The very qualities which render it "useless" to others make it ideal for us, as they add character to our furniture as well as making our products environmentally friendly.
Rowan House is now also producing high quality urns and memento boxes in Birch, Cherry or Juniper; furniture reproductions, blanket chests. 
Rowan House is situated in the beautiful, small community of Cherryville, BC, which is nestled at the base of the Monashee Mountains in Southern British Columbia, Canada. We have been here since 1972

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